Monday, January 17, 2011

Around Our House

Clare went to a birthday party this week where she got her face painted. She LOVED having this unicorn on her face all day, and when it was time to wash it off, she was beside herself. She kept sobbing, saying "Bye pony! Good-bye!" Oh, the drama!

Lately, Sydney and Jane have made some big progress in the bathroom department. They have been potty trained (#1) for a long time now, but #2 proved to be difficult. When I instituted the reward of getting to paint your own fingernails and taking away diapers at naptime, we finally had some success! Thankfully, the pictures below depict a common scene around our house these days!

I never thought I would let my three-year-olds paint their own nails, but desperate times call for desperate measures!!!!


annalee said...

you are a GENIUS.

Alli said...

I may have to join you in those desperate measures. Mal seems to be preferring to do #2 in her panties.

angie said...

I am going to be trying that with Edie. Good work!