Thursday, December 9, 2010

Party Pics!

We had a family party for Jane and Sydney on Saturday. True to form, Sydney insisted on a princess party and Jane wanted Minnie Mouse. So, we had the first ever "Princess/Minnie Mouse" birthday party!

Here are the birthday girls donning their respective birthday shirts!

My friend Julie HAS a bounce house and was kind of enough to loan it to us for the party. There were four kids there (Jane, Sydney, Clare and Brody) and they all loved it! It was a great birthday surprise for Jane and Sydney.

Of course, Jane and Sydney loved opening their presents. They had to fight off their big sister to hold on them though!

Honestly, it was a tough day for Clare. This was the first year that she seemed bothered by the fact that it wasn't her birthday. She wanted presents, and just had a hard time dealing with the fact that it wasn't her day! I guess it's just one of life's lessons that you learn over time!

Jane and Sydney each got their own mini cake, and I love this picture of Sydney. She seems to be enjoying the birthday limelight!

Here is Jane blowing out her candles. Notice that two of her presents (Snow White and some gum) stayed very close to her!

The birthday girls had a great day. They enjoyed the spotlight and were especially proud of being three! It was a fun Minnie Mouse and Princess party!


Julie said...

I can't believe they are three! And that they will have a little brother! And that friend of yours with the bounce house must be a real character.

Lometa said...

She is, Julie!