Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Jane and Sydney!

Three years ago today, these two cuties entered the world! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. What great blessings they both have been to our family.

Jane is still quite the mommy's girl. She is cautious around new people, asks a lot of questions, and is really coming into her own. She is great at puzzles, loves playing babies, and has some random being Wendy for Halloween! Jane is a caring, sweet little girl who brings a smile to my face daily.

Sydney is a fireball! She is strong-willed and has a mind of her own. Her personality is quite the dichotomy. She loves princesses, make-up, dress-up and all things girly, but also loves adventure and rough and tumble playtime! She is the most fearless, active, Daddy's girl in the house. I think Sydney is going to be quite the little gymnast...she can almost do a cartwheel, which she has totally taught herself. In the right moment, she still loves to cuddle, and it warms my heart when she snuggles up with me.

How can it be that these two are three?


Cookie Struthers said...

Tell the girls Happy Birthday from Cookie!! Hard to believe it has been three years already. Can't wait to hear what #4 is going to be!!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday sweet girls!

Deedee and Papaw said...

Happy Birthday Jane and Syd. We love you.