Thursday, September 16, 2010

Time For A Trim

Jane and Sydney were getting a little shaggy, so I decided to take them in for a trim.

Here are their before shots!

Both girls sat very still while getting their hair cut. We just did a little trim...nothing major!

When we got there, the "stylist" informed me that they do complimentary nail painting for the little girls! Jane and Sydney were in heaven!

Here is Sydney letting her nails dry! For some reason, whenever I paint them, she never sits this still!

Some after shots of the hair....

...and the nails! Sydney picked a lovely shade of blue.

Jane went with the more traditional pink!

What pretty girls!


Lometa said...

They are such pretty girls!

The Kuhlmans said...

Fun day at the beauty parlor . . . Mom, when is it your turn???