Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ballet Beginings

Today was Clare's first day of ballet and tap. Is there anything cuter than little girls in leotards and tights?!

She had a good time at her first class, and came home to teach her little sisters the "moves."

Of course, when Jane and Sydney saw Clare in her leotard, they had to put theirs on...

...and they wore them to the park!

And then they took it to a whole new level and added the rain boots!

I think it might catch on...ballet in boots!


chelsea said...

These girls. They are awesome. I love the look with the boots.

Deedee said...

Planning ahead ..... everyone of these pics will probably make a rehearsal dinner video one day. TOO CUTE !

The Kuhlmans said...

Cutest pictures ever!!!!

ME said...

It looks like your two little ones have invented a new dance style - country ballet. This truly makes me laugh - too cute!