Friday, July 16, 2010

VBS 2010

We just finished up a fun week of Vacation Bible School. All of us girls participated in some way...Clare was in the four year old class, Jane and Sydney were in the twos, and I taught third grade. This was the first year for the twins to participate; last year they were stuck in the nursery. We all had a very fun, but exhausting week!

Tonight was the big program/family night and the kids were called up on stage to perform the songs they have learned through the week. Clare was eager to show us what she had learned.

Jane and Sydney were thrilled to get the green light to go up on stage and dance. They would stand up there for a bit and then run back down the aisle to us. I am not sure they mastered the motions to the songs! :-)

Following the program, there were snow cones, bounces houses and carnival games. I think this picture of Clare sums up how we all felt after a long, fun week!


Deedee said...

Clare seems so grown up, Jane makes me laugh and Syd's dance moves remind me of Elaine on Seinfeld !!

Lometa said...

I love this!

Julie said...

I loved watching her do this. It was like she threw her face up to the wind and told her fears where to stick it!