Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two and a Half Times Two!

Jane and Sydney are two and a half...and have been for a few weeks! While the "twos" are notorious for being terrible, these two at two are quite manageable. Don't get me wrong; they each definitely have their moments. Sydney's fits are loud, ear-piercing, and destructive. Jane's fits are not quite as shrill, but take whining to a whole new level. However, they ain't got nothing on what their big sister brought when she was two!
They are good eaters, good sleepers, and just really want to be big! They are both doing great with potty training...at least with 'number one.' We still have some work to do on the other....I'll just leave it at that!

Jane still clings pretty closely to my side. She has her own funny personality, but shows it in a quiet way. She is the slowest eater known to man and could live on cheeseburgers alone. She still sucks her middle two fingers, and is still a great sleeper. She loves puzzles and playing babies. She has turned into a curly, blonde-headed, tan little girl this summer! What a sweetheart!

Sydney is a riot! She is the most mischievous of all my kids. She pesters her sisters on purpose, and gets great joy out of annoying them. She talks in this matter-of-fact way that keeps me laughing. She has strong opinions about what she wears, and her favorite outfit is her princess nightgown. She wears it ALL THE TIME! Sydney loves make-up, wrestling with her Daddy and playing chase.

How can it be that these two are closer to three than two?


Lometa said...

I can't believe that are getting so old either!

The Kuhlmans said...

I love reading about all the antics and full-on personality at your house. Keep it coming . . . I know your girls will give you plenty of material!

Deedee said...

Lucky for all of us that BIG SISTER stills hold the title "Queen of the Terrible Two's"! All I can say is time flies when you are having so much fun!