Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Summer" School

In an attempt to have something to do this summer, my friend Julie and I came up with the idea to have some activities planned throughout the break. We are taking the letters in the word 'summer' and spending a week on each one. Monday we learn the letter, Tuesday is an art project, Wednesday a Bible story and so on. Clare knows all of her letters and can write most of them, but not all. Jane and Sydney are still learning their letters. So, this plan works for all of them. Clare can practice writing each one, and the little girls can really start putting the sound and the letter together. It really sounds much more official than it is, but during those moments where everyone is bored and getting fussy, it is nice to have a plan!

With all that said , this week we started "S."

We glued with sand,

painted with salt water,

learned the story of Samson, went to the splash park, played in the sprinkler, and talked about the 'snake sound' quite a bit!

The girls and I had a fun first week of summer!


Deedee said...

Looks like everyone seems to be enjoying summer school! Great idea - let us know the date for the "end of school" program !

Anonymous said...

You are so smart to do that. Sounds like great fun and educational, too. love you, Mamma

Julie said...

You left out all the food items...or maybe we were a little "heavy" on that over here...sno cones, smores, was for educational purposes!!