Friday, May 21, 2010

Lady Jane

Little Miss Jane is one sweet little girl!

She is such an interesting mix of traits. Of my three girls, she definitely likes to be held the most. She is typically the one who has the hardest time at "drop-offs" at church and places like that.

On the other hand, she is the most fearless when exploring new places. Jane will be the first to venture into the playground at a restaurant, go into a bounce house, or run through the water at the splash park.

She makes the best facial expressions! Her mannerisms and her little voice bring a smile to my face daily!

Jane has proven to be very stubborn in the potty training arena. She is definitely making progress, but it is a slow-go. She is out of diapers while she is awake, but we still aren't home free. This child can "hold it" longer than anyone I have ever met...just so she doesn't have to sit on the potty! Sometimes she just waits a bit too long, and an accident happens...which is very traumatic for Jane.

She often does things that remind me of Clare. Faces, behaviors...just occasionally, I am reminded of her big sister.

Out of the blue, Jane will walk up to me and give me a hug. She often wants "a hug and a kiss and a hug and a kiss!" She gets so excited about things, from going swimming to eating cereal, and will say "That's my favorite!"

I love Jane's gentle spirit and her fun personality. I love that she is so playful and so sweet all wrapped up in one. I also love that I get to be her mom!

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Deedee and Papaw said...

And we love being her grandparents !