Friday, April 16, 2010

There's Hope For This One

Anyone who has spent any time with my family knows that Sydney has tested my limits more than once.

She's independent, full of energy, fearless, and fiery.

But lately, she has redeemed herself. To start, she is potty trained! Wearing big girl undies all of her awake time. What a big girl!

And lately, she has shown me her softer side. Last week Jane wasn't feeling well. Sydney was so worried about her. I was sitting in the rocking chair with Jane, and Sydney wouldn't leave the room. She just stood right there saying, "I sing you a song," or "I pat yours back." She was genuinely concerned about her sidekick!

Having these three very different girls, who are very close in age, under one roof really allows me to take notice of and appreciate their differences. It also allows me to recognize that each girl goes through a stage of being "easier." And this past week, the "easier" award goes to Syd the kid!


ginny said...

that middle pic is especially beautiful!

Kelly Litton said...

I agree! Her blue eyes are just gorgeous!