Wednesday, March 17, 2010

She Marches To Her Own Beat

First, there was the time Sydney insisted on wearing two pair of underwear over her diaper.

Then, there was the time she wanted to wear her tutu out to lunch and to the park. I obliged. Some things aren't worth fighting.

Outfits like this are a regular occurrence around here.

And today, she insisted on this lovely ensemble. Tights, a dress, and a turtleneck onesie on top of it all. Quite lovely.

Miss Sydney has some strong opinions about her clothing....and everything else!


Lometa said...

I actually helped her put on the last outfit--which, of course, she had picked out herself. What style she has!

Deedee said...


The Kuhlmans said...

Mom, don't stifle the creativity . . . she's a Project Runway winner in the making!!!!! I'll say that until Lincoln want to wear tights and a tutu!