Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Clare's (1st) 4th Birthday Party

Since Clare's birthday fell on the week after we moved, we decided to have a small family party. In a few weeks we will a "friend party." So on Monday night, the family gathered at our new place amidst boxes and bubble wrap to celebrate Clare's 4th!

This has been such a fun birthday for her. She has been excited for weeks! All day long, she kept asking me questions about the party. "Are we having pizza for dinner because it's my party?" and "Do I need to get my clothes on to get ready for the party?"

Clare had lots of help opening presents and blowing out candles. Jane, Sydney, and Brody were right in the midst of all of the activities. Clare enjoyed the limelight and is now looking forward to her "friend party."

I can't believe I have a four year old!


Lometa said...

What a great party it was for such a special 4-year-old!

Deedee said...

Such a precious 4 year old and the BEST big sister EVER !!!

Shanta said...

Happy birthday Clare! What a big girl! I love her long hair. Enjoying the new house?