Saturday, February 27, 2010

La, la, la, la...Elmo's World

Thanks to Deedee, we all got to go see 1-2-3 Imagine with Elmo and his gang on Friday night. The girls were beyond excited.

Sydney hung with Daddy the whole time and was enamored with Abby Cadabby!

Jane and Deedee were viewing buddies, and she soaked it all in.

Clare wasn't feeling her best, but perked up considerably when she heard the whole crew sing a song by The Beach Boys!

It was a fun that the girls had anticipated all week. Everyday they would say, "I wanna go see Elmo."

Many thanks to Deedee for the fun night out, Elmo-style!

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Chelsea said...

Cute pictures! I have not seen you in a picture in a long time. Your hair is getting long. Love it! And your face looks skinny. Keep the posts coming. Love to you dear friend.