Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What's up with Clare?

The other night my dad came over for dinner. Clare kept asking Pop if he could stay and play "big girl toys" after the babies went to bed. Clare has a slew of toys that she can only play with after Jane and Sydney go to bed, and she LOVES these toys (and the one-on-one attention she gets). Of course, Pop agreed. As soon as Clare heard the babies' door click closed on their way to bed, she looked up at Pop with a huge grin and said "They are in their cage."


Clare is an early riser. She usually makes an appearance in our room some time in the 6:00 hour. That combined with a few other sleep issues we are having, we got her a digital clock. We told her that she could come out of her room as soon as the first number reads "7." This morning, at precisely 7:00, Clare came running out of her room. I think it is so funny just imagining her laying there waiting for the 7 to finally show up!


Our latest battle with Miss Clare is whining. Ugh, the whining...which oftentimes morphs into arguing, and it's making me a crazy lady.

However, I have learned in the past three and a half years, in terms of parenting the good far outweighs the bad, and Clare has a great little personality that brings a smile to my face a million times a day.


M J said...

Haha! Now, if only I could get my 12-year-old to stay in her room until 7:00!

I used to tell my girls that I don't understand whining, and when they wanted to come back to me and tell me in a nice voice, that I would understand. I worked... most of the time! :)

Allison said...

Hi Hayley, It's Allison, Chris's wife. Love the alarm clock with the different colors! That is what we need for Carson. Where did you get it?

Jennifer K said...

Great pictures! Clare is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

In their cage?!? That's hilarious! I remember the 3-going-on-4 stage with Ellie. I think it's been the hardest stretch for us so far. Fortunately, they don't stay there forever. :)