Thursday, December 17, 2009

Things I Never Thought I'd Hear.....

One day I was in the kitchen, and I overheard Clare yell, "I lost baby Jesus!"


A few days later, Clare wanders out of her room with this:
A basket and blanket from her closet.
She calls it "the manger."

So, of course, each girl has to take turns being Baby Jesus.

Now, I think these girls are pretty special, but even I have to draw the line somewhere.


Jennifer K said...

We have also had many "searches" for baby Jesus, Joseph, and the donkey at times. Gotta love the little people set. They love it! And it is interesting to listen to their interpretation of the entire scene. They are sweet memories!

The Kuhlmans said...

It's Kevin and I saying "Where's Baby Jesus?" at our house, but I'm sure I'll hear that one of these days! Lincoln loves the little people so much, he's getting the barn set for Christmas. I love that they're taking turns in the "manger". Too fun!

Specks said...

That is awesome~ your girls are soooooooo sweet.