Saturday, December 12, 2009

Many Mini Milestones

Lately we have had a few occurrences that may not seem overly significant, certainly not first steps or first words, but I still think they are are noteworthy.

First, when we went to Clare's Thanksgiving feast at school, Jane and Sydney sat and ate their "feast" in big girl chairs. No highchairs to be seen at our table! Since then, we occasionally let them eat in regular chairs, but we are hanging on to the highchairs for a little while...just for the sake of keeping them contained! However, I feel a highchair free table is in our near future.

Our big girl has gotten even bigger! When we moved Clare to a big girl bed, we put a rail up to make sure she didn't roll out. After over a year in that bed, we took the rail off. She now sleeps in a bonafide big girl bed!

Speaking of sleeping arrangements, Sydney decided to send my heartrate through the roof a week or so ago when she climbed out of her crib! I think she hurt herself a bit, so I have been trying to play that up BIG TIME! So far, she hasn't done it again, and I am hoping that it stays that way.

Last but not least, Sydney got her first hair cut! She did great, and I think the result is adorable!


Julie said...

I love her haircut! Man, she is a tiny thing!

No surprise that Sydney is the one crawling out of her crib...something tells me you are going to have to ditch the crib for her sooner than your other girls. That stinker!

laurie d. moreland said...

i love seeing your girls. i CANNOT believe the twins are two! i know you can't either. they are all so stinkin' cute. miss you...