Monday, December 7, 2009

It's a Zoo...

With TWO Turning TWO!

We opted to have a family birthday party with a zoo theme because, well, it seemed fitting! Here is a mostly picture filled recap of the fun event!

The Invitation

The Decor

The Birthday (Cup)Cakes

My Two Monkeys!

Let's just say that nowhere else was the zoo theme more appropriate than when the girls opened presents. Having two toddlers open presents at the same time with big sister right up in their face is crazy. Fun, but crazy.

Although Jane looks uncertain about it in the picture below, both girls enjoyed their cake and ice cream.
Clare was so hyped up all day long. She could barely contain herself.

How cute are these two in their coats and new birthday backpacks?

The party was a ROARING success!
The kids had a good time and the birthday girls were in good spirits throughout the party.
I think Clare said it best when she looked up at me and said, "Are they really two?"


Jamie said...

very cute! I love the theme!

Specks said...

Total adorableness! That last pic of them in their new coats and backpacks is sooooooo sweet.

Deedee and Papaw said...

It was the most fun we have ever had at the zoo.

Shanta said...

I love it! That was a fantastic party! Well done Hayley :)