Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Happy Halloween Indeed

We had a very fun Halloween at our house. The festivities began on Thursday with a party and trick-or-treating at Clare's school. Then on Friday night, we did Trunk-or-Treat at church, and then finished things off with actual trick-or-treating last night.

Jane, my little ladybug, was tired on Friday night, so she chose to hang out with me at our "trunk" instead of actually going to get candy. But, she made up for it on Halloween night and trick-or-treated like a champ.

Sydney didn't like wearing the hood on her bumblebee costume, but she definitely liked getting candy! It took her a few minutes to understand that she needed to put her candy in her bucket and not just hold all of it!

Clare is an old pro at Halloween now. She loved Trunk-or-Treat and she wore her costume with ease at all three events. Last night she was as excited to pass out candy as she was to receive it.

We had a celebrity sighting on Friday night...Elvis! It was fun to enjoy some of the Halloween activities with Nathan, Megan and Brody!

I will leave you with a few more pictures of my little bugs!

Hope everyone out there is enjoying some Halloween candy today!


MereMoore said...

sweet bugs!! they look so cute!!

morgan said...

i miss and love my adorable nieces!!