Friday, October 9, 2009

Pumpkin Watch

Yesterday I was at the grocery store with Jane and Sydney, and I decided to buy a pumpkin. When we got home, we put it outside the front door. Jane and Sydney talked about this pumpkin all day. The kept wanting to go look at it and "say hi to pumpkin."

Well, last night after baths, they wanted to say "night night" to the pumpkin. We opened the door and all three girls pulled up a chair to watch the pumpkin!

With this attachment, I am not sure how they are going to feel when I want to make it into a jack-o-lantern!


Paige and Jon Erickson said...

that is hilarious!!!! so cute :)

Kim said...

How funny! They are easily entertained, that is good. :)

Specks said...

That is absolutely adorable~ love it!

Monica said...