Friday, October 23, 2009

Clare Bear

Clare is three and a half years old and brimming with personality.
Here is a glimpse into all things Clare:

  • She LOVES art. This is her go-to activity. She will sit and do this by herself for quite a bit of long as little, grabbing hands don't get in the way. Every night after the little girls go to bed, Clare is always so excited to do some art project without little distractions!
  • She also likes to play make-up, type on the computer, play babies and really set up any pretend store, library, church, etc.
  • She is a silly little girl who loves to make things up...words, people's names, etc.
  • Clare is a sponge. She is constantly repeating things she has heard or asking me questions about stuff. This little girl doesn't miss a beat.
  • She is doing really well at school. She doesn't tell me play-by-play what she does at school, but I can usually figure it out....because she recreates it later at home. For example, tonight I was singing "Jesus Loves Me" and she started doing the sign language to it!
  • She loves to put on "shows." Miss Priss is constantly singing and showing me her "dance moves." She knows a ton of songs and has even started teaching me new ones that she learns at school.
  • She is the best "staller" at bedtime that I have ever seen. She can think of the most random reasons for calling me back to her bedroom....from needing a tissue to wanting me to cut her fingernails to wanting me to get rid of shadows.
  • If you catch her in the right mood, she really likes to help. She likes to make her bed, set the table, help me cook, throw the laundry in, etc. This is how she made her bed the other day...I was impressed!
  • She still naps everyday, usually for about 1 1/2-2 hours.
  • She does a nice job playing with Jane and Sydney, but she loves her "big girl toys" that she keeps in her room and can play by herself.
  • She loves taking showers by herself. She takes at least one everyday.
  • She also loves to change clothes throughout the day. I finally had to put a limit to one change per day because the laundry was getting (even more) out of control. She can dress herself...which is so nice!
She is such a sweet girl, and I am so glad I get to be her mama!

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laurie d. moreland said...

she's so cute and sounds so fun. i wish we lived close so the girlies could be friends!