Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pigtail Professional

Over the past three years, pigtails have become pretty commonplace around our house.

(Clare in February 2008)

(Clare in June of 2008)

Not a week goes by where someone's hair doesn't get thrown up into pigtails.

All I need is a comb, two rubber bands, a squirt bottle, and a willing subject...of course.

The biggest benefit of pigtails is that they keep the hair out of the girls' faces.
An added bonus is that they are so cute.

I am fairly confident the job of "pigtail professional" doesn't exist, but I am certainly glad to have the opportunity to build my resume!


annalee said...

i'd hire you! those are some fabulous pigtails.

Jennifer K said...

That is not an easy task! Especially doing it THREE times! I'm impressed.

Kim said...

And you have such cute material to work with!

Alli said...

So cute! I can't wait until Mal actually has enough hair for pigtails!

Julie said...

You will have to teach me all your girlie ways for Miss Chloe!

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