Tuesday, September 22, 2009

About Face

This past weekend Clare decided to really "decorate" her face up....although one feature was more intended than the other. On Friday morning, she was running into the bathroom, tripped and fell into the door frame. She cut her eye pretty good, and learned the definition of a "shiner."

However she made up for it on Saturday when she got her face painted at the Hot Air Balloon Festival! Her favorite part was the glitter that was sprinkled on her face after the butterfly was painted.


Anonymous said...

She and Brooks can be twins. He busted his eye this past weekend in Abilene...another ER trip!

Hollie (I hate blogger! It won't let me sign in)

Specks said...

Bless her heart~ I hope it's not too sore. Your twin girlies really are sooooo big and adorable~ I love the way you describe their personalities.

Deedee said...

Funny - she looks like the butterfly hurts the most !!!