Monday, August 10, 2009

Hot Springs 2009, In Numbers

1...Week spent in Hot Springs Village with Casey's family

30...Age I turned this past Friday

10...People who got a stomach bug that Sydney was kind enough to bring along

100+...Number of "Would you rather" questions asked between myself and my sister-in-law, Morgan

5:30...Time Sydney decided to wake up several mornings

0...Nights that Jane was the one to wake us up

4....Cute little pigtails!

2...Thumbs up for Clare's debut on the tube!
2...Number of S'mores consumed by Clare

Countless...Times that Deedee and Emmy watched the girls so Casey and I could do fun stuff!


Deedee said...

1,000 times I thanked my lucky stars for getting to spend 24/7 with our girls ..... thanks !!!

Specks said...

What a fun vacation! Your girls are getting soooo big and are totally adorable.

annalee said...

what a great place to celebrate turning 30! it looked like a memorable trip for sure.
ps- i hope you don't mind you inspired me to do a number blog about our summer trip too!

M J said...

How fun!!! Welcome to the 30 crowd! ;)

Kelly Litton said...

I LOVE the pigtails! I am so impressed your girls have enough hair for them...we are still working on it! Glad you all had fun!

Katy said...

Happy Birthday!