Sunday, July 26, 2009


This little fireball is keeping on my toes lately! I have yet to figure out how to effectively discipline Sydney. She squeals in the car, stands up on the playroom table, jumps on the couch, and the list goes on and on. She doesn't seem to care what I say or do to her, she just stare at me and repeats the offense!

Yesterday, I put her in time out, and Jane went and sat down right beside her! Guess these two are going to be hard to separate!

On the flip-side, Sydney's determined, fearless personality cracks me up daily. I guess when she really starts testing my limits, I should look at this picture and be reminded of how sweet she actually is.

Meanwhile, Jane is a sweet little thing! She keeps me sane, when my other two can wear me out. She is a great eater, an excellent sleeper, gives the best hugs, and is just generally pretty easy.

While I am updating on all things twin related, I guess I should mention that I think Jane and Sydney are done with the morning nap. At almost 20 months, I guess I shouldn't complain. Any change in schedule always requires an adjustment period, and this will be no different. We will just have to get in a new groove of getting out and about in the morning, and hopefully my three girls will enjoy long, restful afternoon naps. It's just one more sign that these little ones, who started at 5 lbs. each, are no longer babies, but instead little girls.


Julie said...

I love each of them! Sydney and Ryan could set the world on fire together, I tell ya!

Deedee said...

I wonder if Syd would sit with Jane were she EVER to get put in time out. Any thoughts????

The Kuhlmans said...

Kevin is still laughing about Sydney jumping on the couch. Every night he watches it over and over . . . America's Funniest Home Videos or Mexican Wrestler???