Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baby Doll

Clare's love of "playing babies" has resurfaced lately. Whenever she has a willing participant, she requests to take the babies to school, church, the doctor, the zoo, give them a bath or change diapers. She will gather every baby doll in this house and take them on whatever activity she has planned. She has the most vivid imagination I have ever witnessed!

Here Clare is leading her students in Bible class.

The dolls have a variety of names: Molly, Dolly, Sopapilla, Ariel, Clara, and Izzy has now morphed into doll form.

Today I watched as Clare "changed Izzy's diaper." I heard her say to her baby, "Izzy, this is disgusting."

After all the dirty diapers, trips to the doctor, and whatever else Clare dreams up, Clare puts her babies to bed every night. What a good little mommy!


Deedee said...

She has learned from THE BEST !!!

Kelly Litton said...

So funny! I posted a very similar post about Anna Lee and her princess dolls yesterday! Gotta love sweet little girls with big imaginations!

Monica said...

Hey Hayley! I have been reading your blog b/c Misty has a link to it on her blog. Your girls are precious. I'm sure she learned to be such a good mommy by watching you! Hope all is well!