Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meet Izzy

Look at Izzy being so cute in the chair.

That's right, folks. We have been invaded with an imaginary friend. Izzy, short for Isamello (you would not believe the amount of thought and conversation that went into the correct spelling of her name!), has been hanging around our house for about the past week. She eats with us, naps with us, plays with us, and goes to concerts at the park with us....

Casey wants to ignore Izzy so as not to encourage her presence, but I think it is kind of funny. As far as specifics, I can't get a firm answer from Clare on how old she is, what she looks like, if she's related to us, etc. All I know is she is a girl and she is EVERYWHERE!

Just what we needed...another girl in the house!


Deedee said...

I was told she has long "tan" hair and blue eyes. She has her very own lovey and really likes to go all the way under the water. I don't know how old she is but she still wears diapers that mostly "don't work". It is always a treat to hear the latest Izzy escapades !

Lometa said...

I can't wait to meet Izzy! I hope she is coming to Colorado. Love you all. LoLo

Chelsea said...

How do kids think of this?? I once knew a little girl who had an imaginary friend named "non," as in, she is a "non" person (not real). She pooped dinasaur poop. Non has since moved out. Write this stuff down. You have perfectly weird kids (which is a complement).

Brenda said...

When I was a little girl I had an imaginary friend whose name was "Central" and to this day my family still talks about her and all the things I made them do for Central-so just think of the fun you will have with Clare! And isn't an imigination a wonderful thing!
I love your blog!
Brenda Price

annalee said...

be glad isamello is a single gal. when i was little i had not one, not two, but three imaginary friends: thewese, sixties, and sammel-bammel.