Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer's Comin'

Summer is in the air around here. The sun is shining, school is ending and popsicles are being enjoyed!

Clare's end of year program was last week. Our little starfish did such a good job performing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star that we went for ice cream afterward.

'Tis the season for cute sundresses for church!

The girls always enjoy being outside. Yesterday we blew up Clare's new pool that she got for her birthday. They all had so much fun....even without any water in it!
I am looking forward to a fun summer with these girls!


Julie said...

I can tell you that one Ryan T. Kiser can't wait to throw himself around on that thing, water or no water!

annalee said...

seriously that pool is to die for! i'm on a mission to find one in houston. and i hope i find a girl as cute as clare in that red sundress while i'm at it!

Anonymous said...

Hayley - this Megan and Nathan's old neighbors in MI; where did you get that great looking pool? I think we need one! :) Hope your summer is off to a good start, we are loving the warmer weather here.

Hayley said...

Hey Nathan and Megan's old neighbors-
Clare got the pool for her birthday last spring, but I am pretty sure it came from either Toys R Us or Target. Hope you have a great summer!