Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jane and Sydney

Jane (left) and Sydney will be 17 months old tomorrow. Everyday they are looking more and more like little girls and less like babies!

Sydney continues to be my fireball! She climbs on everything, is fiercely independent, is talking quite a bit, and has quite a temper. For such a little gal, she certainly isn't lacking in personality.

Can I just say how much I am loving that Jane is walking?! It makes life so much easier for everyone. Don't get me wrong, she still loves to be carried around by her mama, but at least now I know she CAN walk!

Jane is happier now with her new-found walking abilities and cleared out ears. She is saying between 10-15 words, eats like a horse, sleeps like a champ, and is such a sweet girl!

Raising twins is such an interesting experience. While both of these girls are so sweet, they definitely are forming their own opinions about things. They fight over toys, pull each other's hair, take food off of each other's trays at dinner, and the list goes on and on. When one girl screams, the other one does it louder! They are so funny to watch together. They definitely make life interesting around here.

One of my favorite things about having twins is listening to them "play" in their cribs after they wake up in morning and at naps. They will laugh and talk at each other and have a big 'ole time. It is amazing how well they get along when they are separated by cribs!

One of my least favorite things is that it seems like they grow up twice as fast.

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Shanta said...

I love those beautiful girls. They are hilarious! Here's to more 7:00 softball games!