Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

Our first Easter egg hunt happened a few weeks ago in Emmy and Grandad's neighborhood. All three girls took to egg hunting quickly, and it really made Clare excited for future hunts.


Morgan and Clare

Mommy and Jane

Next up, we went to Deedee and Papaw's house yesterday afternoon for another hunt!



Sydney and Jane


Today, we went to church and then over to LoLo and Pop's house for an indoor egg hunt and lunch. Nathan, Megan and Brody joined in on the festivities.



My Three Girls!!!
Sydney, Clare, and Jane

Checking out what the Easter bunny brought!

As is most typical, Sydney is with her Daddy and Jane with her Mommy!


Katy said...

Aha! Did their Easter dresses come from Costco? My girls both had the blue one that (I think) Clare is wearing. You're all looking good!

angie said...

Great family picture!


Julie said...

What a good looking crew!!! Those are 3 sweet faced little girls!

I'm glad yall had fun!

Hayley said...

Yes, Katy, the dresses are from Costco! I was thrilled to happen upon them a while ago. Who knew Costco had cute clothes???

Misty said...

Clare looks sooo much like her momma!